Create Your Own Rug…From Fabric!

If you’ve recently been shopping for an area rug, you know how expensive they are for just a small rug to fit in front of your door, or in your foyer. It is also often difficult to find just the right size and color you desire.   So why not make your own rug?   [...]

Freshen Up Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders seem like mundane household items, but every bathroom has at least one. Is there anything we can do to make these very useful, but boring items, more decorative?   Using our creative energies in decorating the bathroom can make it a place we enjoy strolling into, and not just a place of [...]

File Your Fabrics for Better Organization

For creative crafters, spring cleaning includes organizing all the tools and materials we collect for our craft making throughout the previous year. Cleaning and organizing our materials is often the perfect motivation to begin those projects we’ve been putting off, or to finish projects we started long ago.   Fabrics are a huge part of [...]

How to Cover Your Books with Fabric

Covering your old books can be a fun and economical way to decorate the small, unnoticed spaces in your home.   The bathroom, a space at the end of a hall, the foyer, or a kitchen counter, can be transformed into a cozy little area that adds a spark to your home decor.   To [...]

Colorful DIY Fabric Phone Charging Stations

Charging stations are convenient places in the home where you can easily plug up your phone. But because most smartphones have the same shape and are made out of the same delicate materials, having a place to sit your phone while it’s charging is highly important to your phone’s safety. Sitting phones on tabletops or [...]

Make Your Own Bed Canopy

Bed canopies have been popular through many decades, generations, and design trends, and they are still loved today. A canopy can add a sense of romance and nostalgia to your bedroom decor. If you’ve looked online or in department stores, canopies can be quite costly and often, not at all, the colors, patterns, or fabrics [...]

A DIY Project: No-Sew Fleece Poncho

This is a perfect poncho to keep the winter chill out of your bones. You need 2 different pieces of fleece fabric, the size of which will depend on who is going to wear it; 1 for the lining and 1 for the outer. You need a measuring tape, marker, and scissors. Now you are [...]

DIY Hot/Cold Rice Packs

In many parts of our beautiful country, the winters can be the longest seasons of the year. Bitter cold temps can make daily tasks feel like quite the job. Our hands get the worst of it and sometimes even after wearing gloves outside, we come inside and find it difficult to get our hands warm. [...]

How to Make a Lighted Burlap Garland

Holiday garlands are such a beautiful and cheerful part of holiday decorating. They are most often draped around a Christmas tree, but can be used on tables, mantels, and bookshelves to bring holiday cheer to every part of the home.   Making your own garland adds a personal effect to your holiday decorations. It isn’t [...]

DIY Ironing Board Cover

  After a couple years, you might notice that the cover for your ironing board looks a little… outdated. Luckily, this is something that could be updated, or just switched to go with the design of the room it’s in.  Here is what you will need:       Sewing machine/thread and needle Spray adhesive [...]