Make Your Own Bed Canopy

Bed canopies have been popular through many decades, generations, and design trends, and they are still loved today. A canopy can add a sense of romance and nostalgia to your bedroom decor. If you’ve looked online or in department stores, canopies can be quite costly and often, not at all, the colors, patterns, or fabrics [...]

A DIY Project: No-Sew Fleece Poncho

This is a perfect poncho to keep the winter chill out of your bones. You need 2 different pieces of fleece fabric, the size of which will depend on who is going to wear it; 1 for the lining and 1 for the outer. You need a measuring tape, marker, and scissors. Now you are [...]

DIY Hot/Cold Rice Packs

In many parts of our beautiful country, the winters can be the longest seasons of the year. Bitter cold temps can make daily tasks feel like quite the job. Our hands get the worst of it and sometimes even after wearing gloves outside, we come inside and find it difficult to get our hands warm. [...]

How to Make a Lighted Burlap Garland

Holiday garlands are such a beautiful and cheerful part of holiday decorating. They are most often draped around a Christmas tree, but can be used on tables, mantels, and bookshelves to bring holiday cheer to every part of the home.   Making your own garland adds a personal effect to your holiday decorations. It isn’t [...]

DIY Ironing Board Cover

  After a couple years, you might notice that the cover for your ironing board looks a little… outdated. Luckily, this is something that could be updated, or just switched to go with the design of the room it’s in.  Here is what you will need:       Sewing machine/thread and needle Spray adhesive [...]

How to Transform an Old Sweater into a Pillow

One of the most fun and rewarding aspects of working with crafts is that you can transform old items that are no longer being used, into new items with new purposes. Instead of tossing it out; find ways in which old items can be reinvented.   Most of us have an old sweater or two, [...]

DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Bags

  Aside from costumes, one of your must-haves for Halloween is a trick or treat bag! Many kids have their plastic pumpkins or their pillow cases they like to use, but what about making something by hand that your kids will love?   The tutorial below will show you how to make pumpkin trick or [...]

DIY Tulle Ghost Decorations!

People are always looking for creative ways to decorate their home when it comes time for Halloween. One great example of a simple project would be to create Tulle Hanging Ghosts. These simple little ghost would be a great addition to your porch, tree, or even indoors!   Here is what you will need:   [...]

DIY Halloween Inspiration From Nick of Time’s Customers

  Celebrating and sharing your project with the world is half the fun of crafting, right? Nick of Time loves to see the creations our customers make, using our fabrics and materials. Occasionally, we’ll hold contests, asking you guys to send in what you’ve created. We recently announced the current winner of the DIY contest, [...]

Finding the Best DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

  Don’t go with the store-purchased M&M costume this year. Making your own costume is sometimes cheaper, and it takes longer, but it is always worth it. For one thing, you want to impress people or make them laugh with your costume, and the quirky costume ideas tend to do exactly that. For another thing, [...]