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Why Women Love to Wear Leggings


Leggings aren’t just a fad that’s here today, gone tomorrow. Women have been wearing them for years and their popularity is continues to grow. Once you slip on a pair of buttery soft leggings, you’ll know why. Let’s take a closer look at why women love to wear leggings. Leggings Are Practically Pants Once you […]

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How is Linen Fabric Made?

Linen Fabric

While there is a high demand for linen these days due to all of the benefits that come along with using it to sew, creating linen fabric is not an easy process. It takes a long time to extract linen fibers from the flax plants that help to produce them. To do it, those harvesting […]

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The Benefits of Linen Fabrics

Linen Fabrics

Linen fabrics have been around for thousands and thousands of years now. They date all the way back to 8,000 B.C. They have been used for a variety of different things over the years—the ancient Egyptians, for example, used linen fabrics during the mummification process—and there is no dying that linen is one of the […]

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The Traits of Quality Winter Fabrics

Winter Fabrics

Winter is coming, and with that you’ll find the weather getting increasingly colder. Come January and February it can get downright freezing cold outside in many parts of the U.S., Pennsylvania included. Nick of Time of Allentown, PA, knows a thing or two about winter fabrics, since many customers come from colder Northeastern climates. Indeed, […]

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Why Cotton Clothing is a Wonderful Fall Choice


Cotton is easily one of the most popular clothing fabrics in the world, and it’s not all that hard to figure out why. For starters, clothing made out of cotton is very comfortable. Cotton is known for being soft and it also stretches when you wear it, so most people prefer to wear cotton on […]