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Why Cotton Clothing is a Wonderful Fall Choice


Cotton is easily one of the most popular clothing fabrics in the world, and it’s not all that hard to figure out why. For starters, clothing made out of cotton is very comfortable. Cotton is known for being soft and it also stretches when you wear it, so most people prefer to wear cotton on […]

How to Keep Your Fabric From Fraying in the Wash

Frayed Fabrics

Is there anything worse than pulling something out of the washing machine and seeing that the fabric on it has been frayed? This can be especially frustrating for those who work with fabric on a regular basis. Many people enjoy sewing and using fabric for other purposes, and they like to prewash it to prevent […]

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Tips for Incorporating Denim Into Your Wardrobe This Fall

Denim in Fall

Denim is an amazing fabric because you can wear it during any time of the year and look great. From denim shorts in the summer to denim work pants in the winter, there are so many different options for those who like to wear denim. The fall is one of the best times to wear […]

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Is This the Future of Cold Weather Fabrics?

New Fabrics

Every winter, Americans all across the country are subjected to extremely cold temperatures. Moreover, when it gets cold outside, many of them respond by bundling up and putting on as many layers as they possibly can to prevent their bodies from getting too cold. Nevertheless, they might not have to do that anymore in the […]

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Fabric Online

Buying Fabrics Online

Buying fabric online can be very convenient. Rather than running out to a store and trying to navigate your way through what often feels like a million and one fabric options, you can narrow down your fabric search quickly online and have fabric sent directly to your home or business so that you don’t have […]

Knit Fabrics vs Woven Fabrics

Knit Fabrics

Sewists are likely to encounter both knit and woven fabrics as they select material for various sewing projects. It is helpful, and even important, to understand the differences between these two styles of fabric though. This is because each fabric is produced differently and has different characteristics that affect sewing and performance. These are some […]

Select the Right Fabric for Your Sewing Project

Sewing Projects

Are you working on one of your first sewing projects right now? Well, congratulations! Sewing can be a very rewarding hobby, and once you get the hang of it, you will really enjoy putting together beautiful pieces, both for yourself and for your friends and family. The Importance of Finding the Right Fabrics Nevertheless, when […]

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Why is Denim the Color Blue?

The Color of Denim

In 2017, you can buy jeans that come in a range of different colors. Whether you want black jeans, tan jeans, or even bright red jeans, there are plenty of options available to you. But for the longest time, most jeans were blue. Denim jeans came in different shades of blue, but just about all […]

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The Benefits of Woven Fabrics

The Advantages of Woven Fabrics

If you are creating clothing, woven fabrics are an excellent choice. Woven fabrics include denim, flannel, twill, satin, and more, and they are known for being high quality fabrics. You will be able to create clothing that will stand the test of time when you use woven fabrics, and you will also be able to […]

The Many Benefits of Buying Fabrics Wholesale

Do you need to buy fabric to manufacture a product that you are currently working on? If so, you should seriously consider buying fabrics wholesale. You might not need to go the wholesale route if you only need a small amount of fabric. In general, there are a bunch of excellent benefits that come along […]