Turn Pots into Colorful Planters

March 20th, 2012 nickoftime-admin

Courtesy of Dena Fishbein

After buying small terra-cotta pots with plants in them the question remains what to do with the extra pots?  Dena Fishbein from the Daily Herald has a clever repurposing project, which includes a terra cotta pot, extra scrap fabric, scissors, pinking shears, a pencil, Mod Podge, and a brush.  The instructions are as follows:

  1. Make sure your pots are clean, as you want the Mod Podge to bond securely.
  2. Lay your pot on its side with the fabric on top, then with a pencil mark 1-1/2 inches above and below it to figure out the width.  Wrap the fabric around the pot to figure out the length you will need.
  3. Cut out the rectangle of fabric to wrap your pot in with the pinking shears.
  4. Paint Mod Podge from the top of the pot to the bottom.  Adhere the fabric and work your way around until the ends meet.  Use the pinking shears to cut the extra ends of fabric so one edge overlaps the other by about a half-inch.
  5. Use regular scissors to cut slits at every inch from the edge of the fabric straight down the bottom of the pot.  The purpose of this is so when you fold the edges over, they won’t wrinkle too much.
  6. “Apply Mod Podge 1 inch below the interior rim of the pot.  Fold down one flap of fabric at a time, overlapping them and painting them down with Mod Podge.”  Do the same underneath the pot; first, painting the bottom then securing each flap at a time with more glue.
  7. If you would like to use the pot immediately, you will need to add a couple of waterproof sealer.

There are many uses for these planters; on your desk to hold your supplies, in the kitchen for fresh herbs, or as a gift with a packet of seeds.


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