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An Overview of Canvas Fabrics

March 12th, 2019 Nick of Time Textiles
Canvas Fabrics

Sometimes you need a really tough, sturdy fabric. When you do, you can use canvas. Not only is it weather-resistant, but it’s also ready for the outdoors. No wonder it’s used for covering boats, for tents, and for people’s clothing, too. It’s so protective!

Canvas Vs. Denim

Canvas and denim are somewhat similar, but they have different weaves. Whereas denim uses a twill weave with a subtle diagonal pattern, canvas uses a simple over-under pattern known as a plain weave. There are two types of canvas: plain canvas and duck canvas. Basically, plain is woven to be tight, tough and weather-proof, whereas duck is even tighter with an extra dense weave. While duck is extremely weather-resistant, it’s less breathable– so note that in case you’re thinking of using canvas for clothing. FYI: Where did the name “duck canvas” come from? It actually comes from the Dutch word for cloth, aka “doek.”

Heavy Duty

Did you know canvas often gets treated with wax to make it “heavy-duty?” This use of wax started several centuries ago when sailors discovered it helped their sails catch the wind better. Wax made the canvas sails stiffer and kept water from soaking through!

Historically, canvas was made from hemp, but in these modern times it’s most likely made from cotton or linen, with the potential for PVC (vinyl) to be used, especially as a coating.

Nick of Time sells 20oz. Black ProTuff Waterproof Canvas Woven Fabric here.

Durable and Versatile

It’s durable, versatile and practical, and can be used in a variety of ways. People who buy canvas from Nick of Time use it for times when they need a waterproof utility fabric; it can be incorporated into outdoor furniture, home furnishings, bags/suitcases, and, yes, clothing and covers for objects that have to withstand the weather. Some martial arts uniforms incorporate canvas.

Nick of Time Textiles is located in Allentown, PA, and offers a variety of fabrics at affordable prices. Check out new arrivals here. Moreover, if you’re looking for a specific fabric, use the Fabric Finder page here. For more info, call Nick of Time at 877-447-8370.

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