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An Overview of Double Knit Fabrics

August 28th, 2018 Nick of Time Textiles
Double Knit Fabrics

 Double Knit Fabrics If you’re looking for fabric that will prove to be very stable and sturdy when you use it, look no further than double knit fabrics. These fabrics are medium to heavyweight textiles that you can use to create a number of different garments. Let’s take a closer look at double knit fabrics and all they have to offer.

How are double knit fabrics constructed?

Double knit fabrics are made through the use of two sets of needles. The needles are utilized to create loops on the front and back before the loops are interwoven and the layers are intertwined. This keeps the two layers together and prevents them from separating.

What kinds of fibers are used to make them?

There are many kinds of fiber that can be used to create double knit fabrics. Some of these fibers include silk, polyester, cotton, rayon, and synthetic fibers.

What are the benefits of them?

Unlike single knit fabrics, double knit fabrics won’t curl up at the edges when you use them in a garment. You can also reverse items made from double knit fabrics without them looking inside-out. Additionally, double knit fabrics are resistant to wrinkling.

What are double knit fabrics used to make?

You’ll find double knit fabrics in all kinds of different clothing. More often than not, they’re used in garments when weight and stability are a concern. There are lots of jackets, skirts, and pants that contain double knit fabrics. If you used single knit fabrics to make some of the same items, they would likely stretch out when you wore them and fail to go back to their original shape.

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