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Plaid Fabrics Always Prevail

Plaid is something that many people associate with cold weather and fall fashion. The majority of fall fashion can be found in a variety of plaid prints, from men’s button-up shirts to women’s purses. Although plaid can be spotted in almost every clothing store from the months of September through December, the plaid fashion trend […]

Velvet, the Fabric that Made a Comeback

Most of us have not shopped for a velvet garment since the nineties. Many of us used to sport velvet dresses, long sleeve shirts, skirts, and the list goes on. If you had a velvet ensemble, you were deemed trendy. As the nineties progressed, we parted ways with our velvet ensembles. Styles changed and we […]

Best Fabrics for DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween comes with a lot of pressure and a whole lot of fabric for parents. It is important to recognize that certain fabrics work well for certain costumes to make creating your costume easier. If you plan on saving some dollars this year and making your own costumes for family or friends, consider these spooktacular […]

Decorate With Your Favorite Fabrics

Have you ever been at a fabric store and glanced at something that caught your eye but you weren’t sure what to do with it? Certain fabrics can be appealing to the eye but for people that don’t sew it is not appealing enough to purchase. However, fabric can be used in a variety of […]

DIY Boot Socks and Lace Boot Toppers

Spring is here, which means it’s finally time to bust out your favorite boots. Even though they’re cute alone, they look even better topped with a great boot sock. Problem? Well those really cute boot socks can cost more than you expect; so what’s a girl to do? A DIY PROJECT of course! Follow our […]

Three Unique Garments from Our Photo Contest

We’re back with more great entries from our garment photo contest. We love to see what people make with our products, so we asked our loyal customers to send in some photos of their creations. They certainly delivered; we received a myriad of impressive works. It was hard, but we managed to choose a winner. […]

Three Awesome DIY Dress Projects from our Photo Contest!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our garment photo contest! Sadly, there can be only one winner, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t receive a plethora of entries to love, adore, and share! This week’s blog post focuses around three AWESOME outfits we’d love to see more of in the future! Lori KC’s Lightweight […]

Tips for Identifying Fabric

Identifying Your Mystery Fabric Being able to identify the fiber in the fabric you love can affect how you sew, press and care for your project.   Most fibers are able to be identified by their burning characteristics. Although the burn test can be done on both natural and man-made fibers, it is not 100% […]

Using Your Old Fabric Scraps for DIY Projects

We all know throwing away scrap fabrics is a horrible idea. The second you trash that scrap, you know you’ll need it for a project. So, we end up with various boxes and containers of scraps, taking up space and essentially being useless. So, yes, keep those scraps, but be sure to actually use them! […]

Some Interesting Facts about Recycled Fabrics

Recycled fabrics consist of fibers previously used in other products, which is kind of obvious. They benefit the environment and the manufacturer, here’s how: 1 – Little to No Dyeing – Fabric dyeing is awesome. It gives us beautiful colors and patterns for use in clothing, quilts, etc. But, a lot of dyes can be […]