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Crafting with Floral Fabrics

Floral fabrics are in for spring. In fact, florals have been trending for decades and the trend doesn’t seem to be fading out any time soon. Whether you are designing a dress or creating a piece of home décor, floral fabrics give you plenty of options. Below, we have highlighted some of our favorite floral […]

Growing Familiar with Denim Fabric

Denim fabric has been around for centuries. In fact, it was first discovered in the 1500’s in Genoa, Italy. When first discovered, it was used by the sailors in the navy. In 1873, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss created the first ever pair of denim jeans: the rest is history. Denim is now an extremely […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Fabric Fanatics

Holiday Craft Ideas

If you are someone that typically makes homemade gifts for loved one during the holiday season, you are likely starting to search for new ideas. We recently found several handmade gifts that are thoughtful and simple that will make your loved ones feel appreciated this holiday season. Recipe Tea Towels Many people have tea towels […]

Why You Should Sew Your Own Christmas Stocking

Create a Custom Christmas Stocking On Your Own

If you have spent countless hours looking for Christmas stockings in the store that match your Christmas decor, you should consider making your own Christmas stocking. Many people grow tired of having the same stockings each year but don’t want to purchase new ones.By creating your own Christmas stocking, you can guarantee that you’ll be […]

Decorate With Your Favorite Fabrics

Have you ever been at a fabric store and glanced at something that caught your eye but you weren’t sure what to do with it? Certain fabrics can be appealing to the eye but for people that don’t sew it is not appealing enough to purchase. However, fabric can be used in a variety of […]

Ideas for DIY Halloween Costumes & Decorations using different fabrics

One of our most favorite times of the year is quickly approaching. Tricks and treats, dressing up with friends and getting together with neighbors for a nice boo-bash on Halloween are all around the corner. If you are like us, and enjoy the Halloween season, it is the perfect time to start planning your DIY […]

Create Team Blankets For The Upcoming Football Season

Create Team Blankets For The Upcoming Football Season

Football season is upon us and with the professional football season comes the distinct fall and winter weather. You might live in a state with perpetual summer like temperatures, but if you are a backer and travel with your team, you’re going to find inclement weather.   Having the appropriate clothing will assist in keeping […]

Using Watercolors to Paint Fabric

Using Watercolors to Paint Fabric

When we were kids everyone had a “paint by number” set that came with a pallet of watercolor paint. It was so easy it made you feel like an artist. Why not have those same feelings as an adult?   There are many home projects using fabric and watercolor paints that are not only fun […]

DIY Camouflage Hunting Blanket

DIY Camouflage Hunting Blanket

Hunting season means being outdoors, nature and cold weather. It also means sitting and waiting for that perfect creature to show his face and give you a great shot. Most hunting days start before the sunup and ends when the sun sets making for a long day being exposed to harsh weather conditions. If you […]

“Fabricating” Your Husband’s Cook’s Apron

“Fabricating” Your Husband’s Cook’s Apron

There’s nothing like giving someone a handmade gift that you crafted especially for them. If there’s a special occasion coming up for your husband who loves to grill, why not try an out of the box gift and make him his very own grilling apron?   Aprons make great gifts, especially if you are making […]