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Some Interesting Facts about Recycled Fabrics

Recycled fabrics consist of fibers previously used in other products, which is kind of obvious. They benefit the environment and the manufacturer, here’s how: 1 – Little to No Dyeing – Fabric dyeing is awesome. It gives us beautiful colors and patterns for use in clothing, quilts, etc. But, a lot of dyes can be […]

Wearing Plastic

Heather Caliendo, from Plastics Today, is reporting what could be a revolutionary breakthrough; a clothing company,ReThink Fabrics, wants to manufacture t-shirts and apparel produced with recycled PET bottles.  “The company’s signature line of t-shirts is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester RPET fabric.  With advancing technology in plastics the next natural step would be to […]

Article Review by “Milk duds” by Insung Cho

“Milk duds,” by Insung Cho, is an eye-opening article about the benefits and revolutionary creation of milk cloth in everyday clothing; specifically T-shirts, pants, camisoles and eye masks. Although, the use of milk cloth seems brand new, this process has been around since World War I. This procedure includes drying liquid milk, extracting and separating […]