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Caring For Rayon Fabric

Luxuriously soft and durable, rayon is a must-have fabric in many wardrobes today. Why? Aside from its comfortability, it has proven to be more absorbent than cotton, and is widely considered to be eco-friendly, due to the fact its material is biodegradable. Yet those are the same factors that also make rayon more vulnerable to […]

Some Interesting Facts about Recycled Fabrics

Recycled fabrics consist of fibers previously used in other products, which is kind of obvious. They benefit the environment and the manufacturer, here’s how: 1 – Little to No Dyeing – Fabric dyeing is awesome. It gives us beautiful colors and patterns for use in clothing, quilts, etc. But, a lot of dyes can be […]

Wearing Plastic

Heather Caliendo, from Plastics Today, is reporting what could be a revolutionary breakthrough; a clothing company,ReThink Fabrics, wants to manufacture t-shirts and apparel produced with recycled PET bottles.  “The company’s signature line of t-shirts is made from 100% post-consumer recycled polyester RPET fabric.  With advancing technology in plastics the next natural step would be to […]

Eco-friendly Textiles

Fiber2fashion has recently found Eco-friendly textiles from banana & pineapple fibers as a substitute.  Agricultural waste from banana and pineapple, which are found in abundance in Philippines, can be used as an alternative material for production of “home textiles, apparels, non-woven and industrial fabrics and upholsteries.”  Philippine Textile Research Institute presented these findings; the purpose […]