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Things to Consider Before Opening a Fabric Store

Fabric Ships

Do you have a real passion for fabric? Then you might want to consider opening a fabric store to share your passion with the world. You can help people get their hands on the right kinds of fabric and show them what they need to succeed while sewing, knitting, and more. Let’s examine several things […]

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What Are the Benefits of Velvet Fabric?

Velvet Fabrics

Do you want to start using a fabric that offers something different from all the other fabrics you’ve used in the past? Velvet is an excellent option and can provide you with a new experience when creating clothing and other products. Check out some of the benefits of using velvet fabrics below. Velvet fabric is […]

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The Advantages of Linen Upholstery Fabrics

Linen Fabrics

If you’re searching for an upholstery fabric to use in your home, you will have several different options. Cotton, linen, and different synthetic fibers are the most popular choices for those looking for the right upholstery fabric. While each one has its own benefits, linen has proven itself to be one of the best upholstery […]

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Why People Love Silk Fabric

Silk Fabric

Silk fabric is known for looking and feeling extremely luxurious. It’s why so many people choose to purchase silk products. Nevertheless, those are just a couple of the benefits of purchasing silk fabric and using it. If you would like to learn about a few of the other benefits, see below. It’s hypoallergenic. Silk has […]

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How to Deal With Frayed Fabric

Avoiding Frayed Fabrics

Is there anything more frustrating than trying to deal with frayed fabric when you’re right in the middle of a sewing project? It can set you back, and in some cases, it can be so discouraging that you will want to give up on a project altogether. Fortunately, there are some relatively simple tips that […]

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Tips for Recycling Fabrics

Recycling Fabrics

Do you have fabric that you don’t want anymore? If so, you should try and avoid throwing it out with your regular trash. There are tons and tons and tons of fabric that end up in landfills every single year, and there are better ways to get rid of fabric other than simply disposing of […]

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What Does Thread Count Mean?

Thread Count

If it’s one thing most guys don’t know much about, it’s thread count. That’s for wives and girlfriends to know about, right? Wrong. It’s perfectly acceptable for masculine guys to know what thread count is, especially because it affects how we all sleep. We want to get better sleep, so therefore it makes sense to […]

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Here’s Why You Should Consider Rib Knit Fabrics

Rib Knit Fabrics

Are you looking for a versatile fabric that will allow you to knit everything from shirts and other clothing to mats and rugs for your home? Then you should consider incorporating rib knit fabrics into your knitting routine. Rib knit fabrics are fabrics that have raised vertical wales—known as “ribs”—on both sides of them, and […]

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Why You Should Consider Knitting Basic Clothing Needs

Knitting Clothing Essentials

Knitting can be a great way to blow off some steam at the end of a long day or relax on a cozy weekend morning. However, it can also be a great way to knit some of the clothing you’ll need on a day-to-day basis. Whether you choose to knit socks, T-shirts, or other staples, […]

Why Women Love to Wear Leggings


Leggings aren’t just a fad that’s here today, gone tomorrow. Women have been wearing them for years and their popularity is continues to grow. Once you slip on a pair of buttery soft leggings, you’ll know why. Let’s take a closer look at why women love to wear leggings. Leggings Are Practically Pants Once you […]

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