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Is This the Future of Cold Weather Fabrics?

New Fabrics

Every winter, Americans all across the country are subjected to extremely cold temperatures. Moreover, when it gets cold outside, many of them respond by bundling up and putting on as many layers as they possibly can to prevent their bodies from getting too cold. Nevertheless, they might not have to do that anymore in the […]

The Benefits of Woven Fabrics

The Advantages of Woven Fabrics

If you are creating clothing, woven fabrics are an excellent choice. Woven fabrics include denim, flannel, twill, satin, and more, and they are known for being high quality fabrics. You will be able to create clothing that will stand the test of time when you use woven fabrics, and you will also be able to […]

What Are the Differences Between Cotton and Polyester?

Polyester vs. Cotton

If you go to the men’s section of most discount retailers in America in 2017, you’ll find almost all the activewear to be 100% polyester, which is annoying for most men because polyester does not let the skin “breathe” properly. It traps a man’s stinky sweat. After a few times wearing a polyester piece of […]

Why Lycra Fabric is Growing Increasingly Popular

Lycra has turned into one of the most popular fibers on the market in recent years. There are a lot of people who prefer to wear workout-style clothing both for working out and for running around during their everyday lives, and as a result, lycra shirts, pants, and more have risen in popularity. Lycra is […]

Colorful DIY Fabric Phone Charging Stations

Charging stations are convenient places in the home where you can easily plug up your phone. But because most smartphones have the same shape and are made out of the same delicate materials, having a place to sit your phone while it’s charging is highly important to your phone’s safety. Sitting phones on tabletops or […]

Tips for Identifying Fabric

Identifying Your Mystery Fabric Being able to identify the fiber in the fabric you love can affect how you sew, press and care for your project.   Most fibers are able to be identified by their burning characteristics. Although the burn test can be done on both natural and man-made fibers, it is not 100% […]

Some Interesting Facts about Recycled Fabrics

Recycled fabrics consist of fibers previously used in other products, which is kind of obvious. They benefit the environment and the manufacturer, here’s how: 1 – Little to No Dyeing – Fabric dyeing is awesome. It gives us beautiful colors and patterns for use in clothing, quilts, etc. But, a lot of dyes can be […]

3 Ways New Textile Technology Could Reduce Fabric Prices

With Nick of Time, you never really need to worry about finding affordable fabrics. But, what if those prices could drop even more? According to a Textile World article, ColorZen LLC has a new cotton dyeing technology that will save on water, energy, chemicals and time. The products could be in stores as early as […]

The Importance of Good Fabric

It may surprise you to know that designers and even engineers put a lot of work into the creation of knit and woven fabrics. This covers patterns, utilities and more. Most of you probably have some form of speaker, through which you listen to music, films, etc. However, most of you may not have realized […]

Invisible fabric closer than you think

Michael Kwan from mobile magazine is reporting that Professor John Pendry is saying that an “invisible fabric” is not that far away.  “The way is works is that ‘light waves would flow around an object hidden inside the metamaterial cloak.’”  This technology will likely be highly guarded and, primarily, used for military use.  There is […]