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Use Trigger Fabric For Your Summer Program Projects!

Use Trigger Fabric For Your Summer Program Projects!

As many parents of younger children know, summer programs are great for growing children in order to keep their minds active during the months they aren’t in school.   Likewise, having arts and crafts is beneficial to their inquisitive minds and encourages them to use their creative side and express themselves through colors and patterns. […]

Creating The Perfect Beach Towel Using Trigger Fabric

Creating The Perfect Beach Towel Using Trigger Fabric

Trigger fabric is a blended polyester and cotton mix, and it has the texture of denim. It’s used in many different arts and crafts projects, samples of which can be found all over the internet, and it’s perfect for all kinds of do-it-yourself designs.   Since this fabric is so durable and sturdy, we suggest […]

Make Your Own Paper Towels!

Paper towels aren’t getting any cheaper, and our paychecks aren’t getting any bigger. So how exactly are you going to justify buying paper towels to use to clean things up, just to throw them away?   Some people have resorted to cleaning those thin paper towels again or ringing them out after use and reusing […]

DIY Hanging Files: Organize Your Home!

Many people enjoy trying to keep themselves organized. Some on the other hand claim to know where something is, when in reality, it would take them a long time to find it.   The truth is everyone could use a little bit of organization in their lives but not everyone has the space for bulky […]

“Upholster” Your Chair: Easy DIY!

There are many chairs and furniture pieces out there that look a little….bland.   We have an easy way for you to remedy the situation. Even if the chair in question isn’t your normal fabric covered/stuffed couch or arm chair- never fear, we have a way to spruce them up.   Here is what you […]

How to Make Adorable Kimono Slippers

Shout out to Lauren E Fabrications for this cute kimono slipper tutorial! These would be great around the house for these cold winter months.   Here is what you will need:   Pattern (cut to fit your size foot) ¼ Yard Outer Material (canvas is suggested) ¼ Yard Inner Material (fleece works well for this) […]

Create Your Own Rug…From Fabric!

If you’ve recently been shopping for an area rug, you know how expensive they are for just a small rug to fit in front of your door, or in your foyer. It is also often difficult to find just the right size and color you desire.   So why not make your own rug?   […]

Freshen Up Toilet Paper Holders

Toilet paper holders seem like mundane household items, but every bathroom has at least one. Is there anything we can do to make these very useful, but boring items, more decorative?   Using our creative energies in decorating the bathroom can make it a place we enjoy strolling into, and not just a place of […]

Colorful DIY Fabric Phone Charging Stations

Charging stations are convenient places in the home where you can easily plug up your phone. But because most smartphones have the same shape and are made out of the same delicate materials, having a place to sit your phone while it’s charging is highly important to your phone’s safety. Sitting phones on tabletops or […]

Make Your Own Bed Canopy

Bed canopies have been popular through many decades, generations, and design trends, and they are still loved today. A canopy can add a sense of romance and nostalgia to your bedroom decor. If you’ve looked online or in department stores, canopies can be quite costly and often, not at all, the colors, patterns, or fabrics […]