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Google Honors Fabric Historian

Thursday, December 29th, 2016 marked the 250th birthday of one of the fabric industry’s most famous inventors, Charles Macintosh and Google paid tribute to him. Charles Macintosh was a Scottish chemist who got tired of having drenched clothes from Scotland’s very-prone-to-rain weather. We all can pretty much relate to the unappealing feeling of wet, cold, […]

DIY Tablecloth Tutorial

Did you know, that when you want to decorate a dining room  but can’t seem to find the right color, you have every capability of making it yourself! There are many different ways to make a tablecloth and the more imagination you have the more creative your table cloth will be. The first decision you […]

How to Create A Lace Cami

Lace is always trending. This beautiful fabric conjures thoughts of nostalgia and classic sexiness. Almost anything made from lace has a sultry and feminine essence to it, and lace camisoles are one of the first items that come to mind. Camisoles are a throwback to the days when women desired to be beautiful from their […]

DIY Maxi Dresses

Maxi Dresses are becoming extremely popular, not just because they are being worn by celebrities but also because they are actually extremely comfortable and often flattering. They flow very easily and hide many of the ” trouble spots” we like to pretend don’t exist.   Maxi dresses work for just about any occasion, and when […]

10 Fun Holiday DIY Projects

DIY projects are super fun for the holiday season. They make awesome gifts and unique holiday decorations for the home.   1. Mini Christmas Tree Advent Calendar   This advent calendar idea from The Merry Thought is amazingly beautiful and creative. The crafts store will become your favorite place if dare to attempt this one. […]

Top Dancewear Fabrics

Dancewear and costumes are not only special because of the glitz and glam from the sequins and patterns, they are unique because of the fabrics that they’re made of. Considering the fact that performers are dancing from one end of the stage to the next, jumping up and down and twisting at different angles, the […]

Choosing The Right Fabrics To Attract A Performance Rather Than Detract

Theatrical and dance performances have long since been a part of many people’s lives. From the dance studio performances to Broadway shows, it’s quite a delight to experience all of the hard work the performers put into their routines. Often enough though, it’s not just the actual performance that attracts, it’s the costumes that create […]

Successful Productions Depend on Quality Dancewear and Costumes

Anyone who has ever been involved in a theatrical production or dance performance knows that aside from talent, costumes come second as the most important part of the show. Dancewear and costumes are show-stoppers and highlight, as well as to accentuate the performer’s performance. Most commonly you’ll see dancewear and costumes that are made of […]

Warming up with Wool

When it comes to fall and winter clothing, we often think warm. When we think about warm clothing, we think of wool, jersey and fleece textiles. Wool is one of the most commonly used textiles for heavier clothing needed for colder climates. However, there are many safety benefits of using wool over other traditional fabrics. […]

Polar Fleece Blankets, Gloves, and Hats for the Homeless

There are over 600,000 citizens without homes in the United States. The numbers have been steadily increasing for various reasons, but this year we are looking at a completely new picture. Hurricane Sandy has dramatically increased the number of homeless people in the northeast, which happens to suffer through the lowest temperatures in recorded history. […]