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Colorful DIY Fabric Phone Charging Stations

January 28th, 2015 Nick of Time Textiles

fruit fabricCharging stations are convenient places in the home where you can easily plug up your phone. But because most smartphones have the same shape and are made out of the same delicate materials, having a place to sit your phone while it’s charging is highly important to your phone’s safety. Sitting phones on tabletops or the nearest counter is not the best choice for an expensive Smartphone. They can easily slide off and hit the floor. This is where you handy charging station is most convenient. Of course, you can always purchase a charging station, but why not create your own colorful and personalized one?



Items you will need for this project:


  • A phone charging station pattern to follow
  • One 10 x 5 piece of fusible fleece, and one 10 x 5 piece of Peltex
  • Washable ink marker
  • One 9/16th of an inch plastic curtain grommet and setting kit
  • Matching thread
  • A sewing needle suitable for denim fabric
  • Basic sewing supplies, such as, sewing machine, shears, pins, sewing needles, etc.



rippled fabric


  • Begin creating your charging station by using any free downloadable pattern on the web. If your plan is to make more than one, you will the following segments of fabric for each: 1 front main piece, 1 back main piece, 1 outer pocket piece, 1 piece for your pocket lining, From the Peltex fabric: 1 main body piece, From the fusible fleece: 1 main body piece, 1 pocket piece
  • Now, with an iron, fuse the main body piece of fleece to the wrong side of the chosen fabric main BACK body piece.
  • Then fuse the main body piece of Peltex to the wrong side of the main FRONT piece.
  • Fuse the fleece pocket piece to the wrong side of the outer pocket piece
  • The outer pocket pieces should be lined up along their top straight edges. The right sides of the pieces should be together. Pin together and stitch along the top leaving a ¼ seam allowance.
  • Use the iron to press the seam open, Fold the pocket pieces wrong sides together facing the seam.
  • Press the pocket flat and then baste ⅛ inch along the open edges to prevent shifting as you move along in the project.


To form a pocket pleat:


First, pinch together at the transferred mark B (left center marking), and fold it over to the left and it’s aligned with transferred mark A (outermost left mark). Pin this into place. Do the same thing in reverse, so you pinch at point C (right center) and fold it to the right to align with point D (right outermost mark). Pin into place. Now, B should be on top of point A and C should be over D. Baste 1/8” from the lower edge to secure it into place and remove pins.


Pin the pocket piece on top of the Peltex outer main body piece, so the right side of the body piece is facing the wrong side. Align all the raw edges, adjusting the pleating the pocket whenever it’s needed. Baste 1/8” from the edge around all the raw edges to secure it in place. Remove pins.


  • Position the back main body piece on top of the front main body/pocket piece, aligning the edges. Pin down. Use the in marker to make one mark ½” above the top edge of the pocket along the top right side of the piece. Make another one 2” above it. Using a ¼” seam allowance, stitch around the piece. Begin at the ending and leave an opening for turning.
  • Trim the seam down to 1/8” except for the unstitched potion. Turn the piece right-side-out through the opening. Press the piece thoroughly making sure that the opening portion of the seam is tucked inside. Pin the opening closed. Edgestitch 1/8” from the outer top edge of the piece, closing the opening as you stitch, starting (and ending) with the portion just above the left and right top edges of the pocket.
  • Using the template with the grommet kit, use the ink marker to transfer the template onto the center top portion of the piece. If you would like, stitch outside the outer edge of this circle to prevent shifting as you set the grommet in place. Fix the grommet on to the piece according to the instructions.


You are now finished!

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