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DIY Holiday Gift Ideas: Christmas Eve in a Box!

December 19th, 2012 Nick of Time Textiles

Christmas Eve in a Box

Regardless of how much you have spent or plan to spend on someone, no holiday gift is complete without a touch of personal sentiment. “Christmas Eve in a Box” is a commonly used idea, in which the recipient receives a box of gifts on Christmas Eve. This box can include anything, but must include common holiday “staples.”
This gift is easy on the pocketbook and heavy on the heart, and works especially well if you are into DIY projects like blankets, socks, and scarves! Here is a quick how-to for DIY lovers like us!
Where to get the box?
•    DIY Basket Weaving
•    Storage Ottoman
•    Painted or decorated cardboard box
•    Plastic tote decorated with photos and memoirs

What to put in the box?
•    Handmade wool socks, especially if you live in one of the colder states
•    Flannel pajamas (+kudos if they are handmade)
•    Christmas Movie (or bedtime story if this gift is intended for a youngling)
•    Popcorn/Movie Snacks
•    Gourmet Hot Cocoa
•    Candy Canes / Peppermint candies

How to Wrap the Box?
•    Making a homemade blanket is one of the most sentimental gifts in life. Blankets are useful, thoughtful, and timeless. When you have put the box together to your liking, disregard the wrapping paper and use a handmade soft, fleece blanket to wrap the present. Each component to the gift is a gift itself, which makes the present that much more exciting. Moreover, the thought behind spending Christmas Eve together is the biggest joy of all!


DIY Holiday Gift Wrapping Ideas

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