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DIY Hot/Cold Rice Packs

January 5th, 2015 Nick of Time Textiles

blue rice packIn many parts of our beautiful country, the winters can be the longest seasons of the year. Bitter cold temps can make daily tasks feel like quite the job. Our hands get the worst of it and sometimes even after wearing gloves outside, we come inside and find it difficult to get our hands warm.


Hand warmers are all the rage this season and they are easy and fun to create.


Here’s how to make your own personalized hot/cold rice packs, perfect for getting your hands toasty warm in cold weather, and as a cold pack for soothing headaches and other aches and pains. To turn these rice pack hand warmers into cold packs, simply pop into the freezer for a few minutes before use.


floral rice pack

You will need:


  • 5 x 5 inch squares of colorful fabric of your choice
  • 5 x 5 squares of flannel fabric for extra warmth and insulation
  • kitchen funnel
  • uncooked rice



Begin by placing a piece of flannel on the wrong side of each fabric square. Then place two 5 x 5 squares together, connecting the right-sides of the fabric. What you are doing is creating the rice pack, inside out.


dotted rice packSew together each set of squares of the fabric and the flannel. Leave at least a ⅜ inch seam allowance around each pack, along with an opening for the rice.


Before turning the sewn squares right-side out trim the corners to make it easier by getting rid of some of the fabric bulk.


Now here’s where your funnel comes in handy. Use your funnel to neatly fill the squares with approximately 3.4 cup of rice.


Stitch the openings closed, preferably with a sewing machine. The microwave on high, 30-45 seconds is all you need to heat up the rice packs for use as toasty hand warmers.

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