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DIY Koozies: Prepare for Warmer Weather!

March 20th, 2015 Nick of Time Textiles

ticking plaidSpring is upon us, which means summer will follow closely behind. It is that time of the year where you crack open a cold one and enjoy the warm fire outside. If you want the cold drink, but not the cold hand that comes along with it, follow our simple directions and you can make your own can koozies to keep your drink cold and your hand warm.
• (1) 11×5″ piece quilting cotton (for the outer body)

• (1) 11×5″ piece quilting cotton (for the body lining)

• (1) 11×5″ piece Insulbright (a heavy duty insulated fleece)

• (2) 11×5″ pieces fusible fleece

• (1) 4.25″ piece of 1.5″ Velcro

•Coordinating thread

•Point turning tool

•Denim sewing needle

•Basic sewing supplies: machine, iron, pins, etc
1. Start by fusing a piece of fleece to both pieces of cotton, leaving the side you will want exposed untouched.black polka dot
2. Place the piece you would like for the outside on your work surface so the design on the fabric faces you.
3. Place the piece you would like for the inside on top of the other so the cotton sides are touching and you see fleece.
4.  Place the Insulbright on top of this stack and make sure all pieces are aligned and pin them all together.
5. Using the Denim needle sew around the edges leaving a 1/4 allowance. Also leave a 3 inch opening on one of the short sides of fabric.
6. Trim the allowance down to 1/8.
7. Turn the entire project inside out and press to have clean and crisp edges.
8. Edge stitch around the entire project, closing the 3 inch opening as you go along.
9. Pin and sew on the Velcro in the appropriate locations.
Now your koozie is complete and ready for a cold one.

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