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Educate Yourself on Poplin Fabric

January 19th, 2017 Nick of Time Textiles

Poplin fabric, which is a trigger fabric, is a strong, plain weave cotton fabric with fine horizontal ribs that’s often used in shirts, dresses, sportswear, and raincoats.

Poplin originated in France, dating back to the 15th century where it was originally made from silk and was often used for furniture. The fabric is lightweight and is considered “all-purpose” because it can be used to create a variety of different things. Many people use poplin to create children’s clothing because it is soft, durable, and can be easily washed.

Poplin fabric is relatively light and is best worn in summer when you want to wear fabrics that are breathable and comfortable.

It is actually the most common fabric used in shirting, and is made from a plain weave of fine yarns, which creates the thin, soft, and smooth fabric ideal for shirts. Poplin can be somewhat transparent because it is pretty thin but it can be ironed to a flat and smooth “surface.”

Poplin is extremely common when designing men’s shirts specifically. A common poplin men’s shirt would be a slim fit shirt with long sleeves. As mentioned, poplin is a durable fabric and it won’t rip or snag as many other fabrics often do. It becomes extremely crisp when ironed which makes it ideal and appropriate for both formal and casual occasions as a “dress shirt.” A black poplin shirt will look especially formal where a light color poplin shirt will appear more casual, such as blue.

Poplin is also brought up in comparison to broadcloth fabric, which is also tightly woven with a very simple over-under weave with minimal sheen. If you don’t like wearing textured fabrics, both broadcloth and poplin would suite your preferences.

Nick of Time carries poplin fabric in a variety of colors and patterns.

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