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“Fabricating” Your Husband’s Cook’s Apron

July 13th, 2015 Nick of Time Textiles
“Fabricating” Your Husband’s Cook’s Apron

There’s nothing like giving someone a handmade gift that you crafted especially for them. If there’s a special occasion coming up for your husband who loves to grill, why not try an out of the box gift and make him his very own grilling apron?


Aprons make great gifts, especially if you are making it yourself, because they’re totally customizable, can be kitschy and adorable, and your husband will love to wear it when he grills dinner for your friends and family.


So, how do you get started?


The first thing you’ll need to do is choose the fabric. For aprons, especially grilling aprons, since it can get a little hot next to that grill, we suggest a light weight, but durable fabric, like cotton. You should pick cotton that’s just a smidge heavier than you would typically wear on your everyday clothing. That way, the fabric will be washable, but still nice and strong.


The next step is choosing the pattern. Really have fun with this step, and don’t be afraid to mix and match contrasting patterns! Choose a print that reminds you of your hubby, or is in his favorite shade of blue. Perhaps you could match a solid color fabric for one part of the apron with a whimsical printed fabric for the other side. The possibilities are endless!


The next thing to do is get cutting and sewing. You can find patterns online that you can use to cut and sew your apron. Check out a few how-to videos before you get started if you’re not super familiar with your sewing machine.


And, the last step, wrap up your beautiful handmade gift and give it to your man! He’ll love that you made something just for him. Now, back to the grill, honey! Time to get started on dinner…


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