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Five Sewing Hacks You Need To Know

April 19th, 2016 Nick of Time Textiles
sewing hacks

As enjoyable as it is to create a beautiful piece of clothing or reupholster your favorite furniture, there are some aspects of sewing that just aren’t fun. Searching for dropped pins and keeping bobbins from unwinding can be frustrating, which is why Nick of Time Textiles has put together a list of our top five sewing crafts to help take the stress out of your hobby. With these sewing and storage tricks up your sleeve, your next project will be organized and enjoyable to complete.

Hairspray Your Thread

If you have trouble threading your needle, a little spritz of hairspray may be all you need to make the process easier. The hairspray will prevent the end of your thread from fraying as you try to push it through the needle, allowing it to pass through smoothly the first time you try.

Organize Your Ribbon and Lace

Frustrated by all the spools of ribbon and lace coming undone and creating a mess in your sewing basket? An upright paper towel dispenser is the perfect size to hold them. Once you have all your supplies re-wound, stack them one on top of the other on your paper towel dispenser. Perfect for storage and unwinding the exact amount of ribbon you need, your paper towel dispenser will be a huge help when adding trim to the piece you are creating.

Store Your Bobbins

Bobbin storage has never been easier than with this next trick. To keep yours from unthreading during storage, all you need is a pedicure toe separator. We recommend lining up your toe separators in a small box, with your bobbins organized by thread color to make choosing the right one faster and easier than ever before!

Sharpen Your Scissors

Sharp scissors are a must when it comes to cutting fabric, and if yours have grown dull all you need to do it head to your kitchen cupboards and grab a couple pieces of tin foil. Cut through the tin foil a few times until your scissors are once again sharp and then get back to work on your crafting project.

Pick Up Your Pins

Even if you try your hardest to keep all your pins in your pincushion, a few are bound to fall to the floor as you work at your sewing machine. Instead of worrying about crawling on your hands and knees to search for them, purchase a heavy duty magnet and wave it slowly across the surface of your floor when you notice a pin drop or at the end of your sewing session.
Now that you have all the tools you need to ensure your next sewing project goes smoothly, all that left to do is pick out your fabric and get started. Here at Nick of Time Textiles, we have a wide array of knit and woven wholesale fabrics available for purchase. Shop with us online or contact us by phone at 610-395-4641 for assistance finding the right fabric to meet your project needs.

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