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Google Honors Fabric Historian

January 4th, 2017 Nick of Time Textiles

Thursday, December 29th, 2016 marked the 250th birthday of one of the fabric industry’s most famous inventors, Charles Macintosh and Google paid tribute to him.

Charles Macintosh was a Scottish chemist who got tired of having drenched clothes from Scotland’s very-prone-to-rain weather. We all can pretty much relate to the unappealing feeling of wet, cold, and very heavy clothing, and Macintosh was eager to find a way to prevent it.

Macintosh used his science background to experiment with the byproducts of coal-tar naphtha and rubber.

This combination of material created a paste that Macintosh applied to fabric and the results were astounding: garments that repelled water.

According to Today in Science, “The rubber interior provided a layer impermeable to water, though still flexible, which made it ideal for clothing.”

In 1823, the waterproof fabric was patented and was used to make the first raincoat in the world.

Many tailors weren’t interested in the fabric as first, however, once the fabric reached the right hands, it grew in popularity and became a wardrobe staple in drenching rain weather. Due to Charles’ creation of waterproof fabric, there was a garment named after him, the Mackintosh raincoat.

In fact, the raincoat in the United Kingdom is often known as the “Mac” even now.

To honor Charles Macintosh’s creation of waterproof fabric, Google dedicated their Today’s Doodle on December 29th to Macintosh, showing him enjoying himself in typical Scottish rain shower wearing his famous invention.

One of the greatest benefits to this fabric, aside from repelling against water, is that it is flexible and very easy to maneuver into designs.

Waterproof fabric is a very popular material all over the world and here at Nick of Time Textiles, we carry a large variety of waterproof fabric.

If you need help choosing a waterproof fabric or any other fabric, Nick of Time Textiles is always on hand to help.

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