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Here’s Why You Should Pick Up Sewing as a Hobby

January 5th, 2018 Nick of Time Textiles

Sewing Imagine it’s a cold winter night and you’re looking for something to do. Sure, you could watch TV or listen to music, but what about doing something productive with your hands while being entertained?

Sewing is a great hobby because it can be done almost anytime and anywhere, from the comfort of your favorite lounger in the living room to hospital waiting rooms and mall food courts. It’s something young people can do, as well as those in their twilight years. For many, it becomes a lifelong hobby.

Why Sewing is Fulfilling

Not only does sewing engage your mind and body and soul all at once, but it also gives you a sense of accomplishment. Think of all the items you could be sewing right now: hats, mittens, sweaters, scarves, blankets, etc. You can save money by making your own items, including clothes, and/or give away the things you make as gifts. People love getting hand-crafted gifts– so sewing is a way to show them you cared to take the time to make them something warm and comfy and customized “just for them.”

Sewing also allows a person to take damaged clothing items and alter them, repair them, and/or repurpose them– quite environmentally-friendly, when you think about it. By making little alterations, sewing can make items more wearable and better fitting, too.

Improve Your Mental Health

Finally, sewing is a great hobby for a person’s mental well-being. Not only does one get to put their own creativity to the test to create something unique and beautiful, but they also discover that sewing helps them de-stress. And, if a person so chooses, they can take local classes where they’ll interact with fellow sewers, making new friends and learning new tips. Don’t forget to post pictures of what you’ve sewn on social media so others can see your good work.

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