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How Fabrics Can Improve Your Scrapbook

June 14th, 2018 Nick of Time Textiles
Scrapbooks and Fabrics

Scrapbooks and FabricsAt First Friends Church in Canton, Ohio, there are several women who are stressed out each week. Some of them are working moms with 9-to-5 jobs while others are stay-at-home moms raising two or three boisterous, busy kids. That said, these moms experience stress like you wouldn’t believe, and the stress can get so bad that they suffer from terrible headaches during much of the week. Come Friday, however, these ladies get together to scrapbook as their stress reliever. They take time to share what their challenges and struggles are, all the while creating fabulous scrapbooks chronicling the lives of their loved ones.

Scrapbooking is quite popular with all sorts of people, including “church ladies,” soccer moms, and even men whom you wouldn’t expect do such a thing. And one of the more unique things to do is to incorporate fabric into scrapbooks, which adds another dimension to the layouts that one can’t easily get from just plain/patterned paper.

Fabrics Augment Scrapbook Pages

Fabric can be used in scrapbooks to enhance the look and feel of a page. For example, cloth butterflies liven up a page and can be felt by people’s fingers– a tactile bonus! For some scrapbookers, they like to use fabric to construct letters to headline or title a page. These letters can be free form or made using a letter stencil. Different colors and patterns help make page titles more visually interesting to those who see/read the book. Adding color glitter glue or sequins can further highlight words on the page.

Fabrics Add Dimensions

Scrapbook pages are all about dimension, aren’t they? Fabric can be used to enhance the dimension of an otherwise plain page. For example, why not use fabric borders? Fabric can also be used as the bottom layer of a photo mat or journal block. If you’ve got pictures and want to highlight them, use fabric to make cute flaps covering some of the photos. Or cut out shapes using fabric, and use foam tape to attach these shapes to your layout.

Fabrics Add Textures

To add texture to items in scrapbooks, try using various fabrics such as leather, corduroy, suede, or nylon. Little kids especially love the chance to “feel” the pages of scrapbooks. Fabric can also be used to add embellishments to pages and layouts.

Nick of Time offers various fabrics you can use for your scrapbooking purposes. Please call 877-447-8370 for more information.

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