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How to Choose the Right Sewing Pattern

May 17th, 2018 Nick of Time Textiles
Sewing Patterns

Sewing Patterns Nick of Time Textiles Ltd. is known for offering the lowest prices and the largest selection of wholesale fabrics on the Internet. As a family owned-and-operated American business based out of Allentown, PA, Nick of Time offers “old fashioned” service. One of the helpful things Nick of Time has online is this blog you’re reading… we cover a variety of topics, and in this blog post, we’ll talk about tips for choosing the right sewing pattern.

Choosing the Right Fabric

First, what fabric are you going to choose and use? Will it be “soft and cozy” or something with more structure? Stiff wool is different than a stretch knit, for sure. When choosing patterns, you’re going to want ones that “fit” with the type of fabric you plan to use.

FYI: patterns are templates from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut or assembled. Patterns are usually made of paper, paperboard or cardboard.

Getting Your Measurements Right

Next, consider your measurements. It’s well-known that sewing patterns don’t always match up to, say, the sizes found in stores. For example, a woman who wears a Size 6 in ready-to-wear might require a Size 14 dress pattern. If and when you’re going to custom sew something for someone, it’s important to know their specific body measurements such as shoulder span, arm/waist circumference, distance from the shoulder to the knee, etc. Online you can do a search regarding “how to measure,” in case you need some guidance.

You’ll want to check the size guide on the pattern you have in mind. Ideally, of course, you’ll want to ensure that all of your measurements can be accommodated by the pattern pieces, right? If not, then you might need to see if the pattern you’d like to use comes in other sizes to meet your needs.

Customizable Options

Can you “mix and match?” Yes. Sometimes it makes sense to cut different pattern sizes, and then make sure the difference between the two sizes fit together well. Oftentimes, sewing patterns come with options to customize the size– take advantage of this in order to help make the garment fit in a flattering way.

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