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How to Make Art With Your Sewing Machine

June 20th, 2018 nickoftime-admin
Thread Painting

Thread Painting Did you ever think of using your sewing machine to make… art? People who do so are called “thread painters.” They’re artists who use sewing machines (and fabric, of course!) to create artistic images.

While most painters use watercolors or acrylics, some think outside the box as thread painters. If you want to see examples, browse Pinterest for inspiration. Then watch some online videos to learn “how to” and attempt it yourself. You should also try typing in “thread painting” in Google in order to see many images that’ll whet your appetite for creating your own art.

Traditional sewing involves feed dogs gently gripping the bottom fabric as one sews, in order to help pass it through the machine; thread painting, however, uses a free motion foot to accomplish the task. Ultimately, this technique allows fabric to be moved around in any direction in order to “color” the fabric with thread.

Ideas for Thread Painting

To get ideas for thread painting, try looking at photos of scenes you like and then recreating them using fabric and your sewing machine. Background foundations are done using materials and threads to set the tone of the piece. Then colored thread gets laid down with the machine to create details. Pieces may take a couple weeks to complete. When done, it’s a good idea to frame them under glass so they can’t get easily damaged.

As for tips to do thread painting, you’ll want to use high-quality fabrics that offer a tight weave and high thread count. It’s not unusual to use 60 to 80 different threads just for one painting. And though the work can be tedious, since the thread in the machine needs to be changed with every switch to a new color, this kind of process works well for those who are analytical, detail-oriented types. Both men and women have taken up thread painting, by the way. Though it’s not “mainstream,” there are definitely more and more people taking up this unique form of art.

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