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Ideal Fabrics for Updating Your Spring Wardrobe

April 13th, 2017 Nick of Time Textiles

Ideal Fabrics for Updating Your Spring WardrobeSpring has arrived and as temperatures (finally!) start to warm up, it’s time to tuck away those wool sweaters and cozy flannels. Spring is a difficult season to dress for because temperatures are constantly fluctuating. However, there are several fabrics that are ideal for a spring wardrobe and we are here to help you learn about each one.

Keep Cool in Cotton

Cotton is a popular fabric for good reason. Cotton is great for all seasons, but especially for when weather gets warmer. Cotton is a natural fiber, which allows air to circulate through the fabric, preventing moisture from settling in, proven to keep you cool. It is a breathable fabric that is ideal for warm months and humid weather.

Remain Comfortable in Rayon

Rayon is a fabric that is man-made, and can be made to reflect a variety of different fabrics. Rayon can often resemble silk, wool, cotton, and more. It doesn’t prevent moisture as well as cotton and is best worn in warm temperatures with little humidity. It is typically a thin fabric, making it lightweight and delicate.

Love Spring in Linen

Linen is created from  natural fibers which is ideal for warm and hot temperatures. Linen is actually an “ancient fabric,” and has been worn for centuries. It is extremely breathable and one of the coolest fabrics. The fabrics are strong absorbent, making it even cooler than cotton. However, this is your warning: it gets easily wrinkled!

Are you looking to create some comfortable clothing for spring? Nick of Time Textiles has a variety of warm weather fabrics available!

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