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Knit Fabric Tips Because Ours is On Sale

December 22nd, 2016 Nick of Time Textiles

With our incredible knit fabric sale  going on right now, we thought we’d talk a little bit about the different types of knit fabric that exist.

(Take note, we are offering many of our knit fabrics for 50 cents to $1.00 when you buy in lot sizes, so get them today!)

Many people love sewing with knit fabrics, and whether you have been sewing for years or you are just getting started, knit fabrics can always serve your sewing needs. You can create all kinds of things with knit fabrics, from t-shirts to loungewear, because of the wide variety of knit fabrics available.


Athletic Knit Fabric

Athletic knit fabric is great for, of course, athletics. This stretchy and strong fabric is ideal for swimsuits, dance uniforms, athletic shorts, athletic jerseys, and much more. It creates breathability which is perfect for when you are breaking a sweat doing laps or front flips. Active wear can be costly when you purchase it in stores so many people choose to make their own using an athletic knit.

Cotton Jersey Knit

This type of knit is extremely common and has grown very popular in the last few years. It is soft but can also be easily worked with. Many people create swing dresses, t-shirts, and even sheets using cotton jersey knit. You can purchase this fabric in a variety of weights, depending on what you’re planning to sew. If you want to create a piece of clothing that won’t be too see-through, go for a heavier knit.

Cotton Ribbed Knit

Whether you know a lot about fabric or very little about fabric, this fabric in particular is easy to spot. It appears to be “ribbed” and has subtle lines going up and down it that you can easily notice. Many people use it for necklines on shirts or dresses because it is an extremely stretchy fabric. Although it can be used for clothing, the clingy fabric it doesn’t provide a very smooth or sleek look because of the elasticity.

Cotton Interlock Knit

Cotton interlock knit is another common knit as many cottons are. This fabric comes in a variety of colors and prints, providing you with all kinds of options when creating. This fabric is great for beginners that are just starting to sew. It is a relatively thick fabric and can be sewn easily. This fabric is also semi-heavy, making it ideal for anything from clothing to blankets.

If you are looking to create with knit fabric, purchase from Nick of Time while plenty of it is on sale for a great price.

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