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Plaid Fabrics Always Prevail

October 25th, 2016 Nick of Time Textiles

Plaid is something that many people associate with cold weather and fall fashion. The majority of fall fashion can be found in a variety of plaid prints, from men’s button-up shirts to women’s purses.
Although plaid can be spotted in almost every clothing store from the months of September through December, the plaid fashion trend dates back thousands of years ago to ancient Scotland.

Plaid fabric has withstood the test of time and still has a tremendous amount of influence in mainstream fashion. Most people know what plaid is and what it looks like and most of those people have for centuries. Plaid has a rich history that is rarely talked about. It was created in 100 BC by ancient Celtic populations and we are still wearing it and talking about it.

Plaid was originally called “tartan” which was the word first used to describe what we know as plaid. The word plaid slowly started to replace tartan as British and American manufacturers started to make their own versions of the fabric. Scottish clans wore different colors and patterns of tartan to tell one another apart and to tell who belonged in their clan. When plaid was worn several centuries ago, it was in the form of a heavy cloak to protect people from harsh Scottish winters. Tartan was typically made out of woven wool to keep people warm in the elements but plaid is now made from a variety of materials.

During the 18th century, plaid was used to make military uniforms for the rebellion against the English monarchy. In 1746, plaid was banned by the British for four decades after the Scottish rebellion. The pattern the Scottish wore is now called “Black Watch Plaid” and is still used for apparel including shorts, shirts, slacks, vests, and more.

Plaid made a massive comeback in the 1960’s and it was used to create all sorts of fashion statements. Plaid was made into skirts and shirts for women. The Beach Boys wore plaid shirts on the cover of their album “Surfer Girl” in 1963. From the sixties onward, plaid started to filtrate itself into mainstream culture and became a fashion statement that has never fizzled out.

Plaid is still a major fabric for fashion. It can also be used for blankets, hats, and accessories. Check out our plaid selection at Nick of Time to get inspired.

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