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Seamed Versus Seamless Sweaters

May 30th, 2018 Nick of Time Textiles
Seamed vs Seamless Sweaters

Seamed vs Seamless Sweaters Traditionally, sweaters have been seamed, but today the top down seamless sweater is quite popular in the knitting world. Why is this? For starters, the seamless sweater can be knit in the round in one piece– you don’t have to seam pieces together and you don’t have to do precision blocking in order to match the size of your pieces. Moreover, to top it off, you don’t have to deal with extra ends from the seaming process. Plus, as a bonus, you can try the piece on during the process of making it– something you can’t do when making a seamed sweater. All in all, knitters love seamless sweaters because they’re pretty much “done” when off the needles.

Are there any downsides to seamless sweaters? Yes. Some knitters find that working on the sleeves gets annoying, especially when they have to flip the sweater around to start the sleeves at the end of every round of knitting. As the process goes on, the sleeve twists and untwists at every round. To some, this, again, is annoying. Also, if you use raglan sleeves, realize that they’re not that attractive on some women– especially those with large bosoms. And, finally, if you’re making a seamless sweater it’s probably not going to be that portable since it’s so big… you can’t just “take it with you everywhere you go” that easily.

Seamed Sweaters

How about seamed sweaters? Do they have any downsides? Yes; they can be a lot of work. For example, you have to make sure pieces match and that involves accurate measurements and blocking, as well as sewing pieces together to complete the sweater. In the end, you’ve got more ends to weave in, too. As for the good things about seamed sweaters: you’ve got more choices for design elements, they’re more portable, they’ve got more structure, and it’s easier to block lacy sweaters in pieces compared to having just one large item to work with.

Most knitters have their favorite way of knitting sweaters, and the aforementioned ones are two of the most well-known and used methods.

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