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Some Interesting Facts about Recycled Fabrics

September 18th, 2012 Nick of Time Textiles

Recycled fabrics consist of fibers previously used in other products, which is kind of obvious. They benefit the environment and the manufacturer, here’s how:

1 – Little to No Dyeing – Fabric dyeing is awesome. It gives us beautiful colors and patterns for use in clothing, quilts, etc. But, a lot of dyes can be harmful to the environment. Luckily, recycled fabrics are sorted by composition AND color so that, when reused, they can retain the same color qualities without using more hazardous dyes.

2 – Lots of Uses – However long ago, fabric didn’t have as many uses. These days, fabric is used in a lot of technology, from loudspeakers to roofing. Recycled fabrics will, often times, offer the ruggedness that is necessary for these sort of applications, reducing the need for additional manufacturing, emissions, etc.

3 – New Styles – In a lot of cases, fashion designers have spliced entire swatches of different used fabrics together to create eclectic, recycled styles. In a sense, recycling allows designers to discover new looks, expanding the fashion world, while offering a very green new design technique.

So, consider using recycled fabrics in your next project. You can help to create a greener world, little by little, while also discovering new ideas for looks.

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