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Successful Productions Depend on Quality Dancewear and Costumes

April 19th, 2013 Nick of Time Textiles
Dancewear and Costumue Fabrics

Anyone who has ever been involved in a theatrical production or dance performance knows that aside from talent, costumes come second as the most important part of the show. Dancewear and costumes are show-stoppers and highlight, as well as to accentuate the performer’s performance.

Most commonly you’ll see dancewear and costumes that are made of Lycra, which is a stretchy material that allows flexibility and maneuverability for dancers and performers. The costume helps to tell a story and showcase the performance so viewers can connect.

Nick of Time

Many theater production companies and dance studios have turned to outside sources for reliable material to make costumes in order to keep costs low. For dancewear and costume retailers, it is cost effective to make your own costumes to sell, allowing you the opportunity to afford quality fabrics.

Musicals and dance performances will reuse dance outfits year after year for cost saving purposes. If the dancewear is made of less than perfect material, you could wind up having to purchase new ones or have the tattered ones tailored, which can be costly.

Part of our job at Nick of Time Textiles is to supply those in the theater and performance businesses the chance to purchase quality lycra, knit and velour costume and dancewear fabrics. Our fabrics come with flashy sequins for attraction as well as bright and complimentary colors and various patterns for added style. We also carry printed, solid and metallic fabrics.

Every performer deserves to wear a costume that will help to make their performance a success. Utilizing the services of Nick of Time Textiles by purchasing affordable fabrics that last, you or your customers will be sure to have a remarkable show.

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