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The Many Benefits of Buying Fabrics Wholesale

Do you need to buy fabric to manufacture a product that you are currently working on? If so, you should seriously consider buying fabrics wholesale. You might not need to go the wholesale route if you only need a small amount of fabric. In general, there are a bunch of excellent benefits that come along […]

Step into the World of Design With Your Next Project

Some of us just love to make things. We like knitting sweaters for friends and family, we like re-upholstering furniture and making little crafts – it’s just who we are. But, what do we do when we’ve run out of ideas and become bored of doing the same things over and over?¬†Well, there’s never an […]

How to Make Wedding Veils

You know what is absolutely ridiculous? Wedding veil prices. Take a look at David’s Bridal, the lowest priced veil that you’ll find is still $18 and that doesn’t really count as a veil, if you ask me. Then, of course, you can actually spend up to not $50, not $100 or even $200… Try $248 […]