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Make Your Own Paper Towels!

Paper towels aren’t getting any cheaper, and our paychecks aren’t getting any bigger. So how exactly are you going to justify buying paper towels to use to clean things up, just to throw them away?   Some people have resorted to cleaning those thin paper towels again or ringing them out after use and reusing […]

DIY Hanging Files: Organize Your Home!

Many people enjoy trying to keep themselves organized. Some on the other hand claim to know where something is, when in reality, it would take them a long time to find it.   The truth is everyone could use a little bit of organization in their lives but not everyone has the space for bulky […]

DIY Koozies: Prepare for Warmer Weather!

  Spring is upon us, which means summer will follow closely behind. It is that time of the year where you crack open a cold one and enjoy the warm fire outside. If you want the cold drink, but not the cold hand that comes along with it, follow our simple directions and you can […]

“Upholster” Your Chair: Easy DIY!

There are many chairs and furniture pieces out there that look a little….bland.   We have an easy way for you to remedy the situation. Even if the chair in question isn’t your normal fabric covered/stuffed couch or arm chair- never fear, we have a way to spruce them up.   Here is what you […]

Create Your Own Rug…From Fabric!

If you’ve recently been shopping for an area rug, you know how expensive they are for just a small rug to fit in front of your door, or in your foyer. It is also often difficult to find just the right size and color you desire.   So why not make your own rug?   […]

DIY Fabric Button Earrings

Button earrings are becoming very popular, so check out this easy step-by-step tutorial on how to create fabric button earrings! These are a great hand made gift for all the women in your life.   Here is what you will need for this project:   -Aluminum Cover Button Kits -Nick of Time Fabric Swatches -Glue-on […]

DIY Chevron Curtains- No Sew!

  The Chevron Pattern is one that has become very popular within the past couple of years, and this project is even more fulfilling knowing you created it with your own hands. Here is a step by step tutorial on how to create these chic additions to any room of your house:   Before you […]

How to Choose the Right Fabric for Your Sewing Project

Sewing is one of the more popular hobbies today; Grandmas Craft Guides outlines how to choose the right fabric.  Here are some tips and tricks to get you on the path to choosing the correct fabric for any sewing project. Read Your Pattern If you will be sewing from a pattern, read the back of […]

Turn Pots into Colorful Planters

After buying small terra-cotta pots with plants in them the question remains what to do with the extra pots?  Dena Fishbein from the Daily Herald has a clever repurposing project, which includes a terra cotta pot, extra scrap fabric, scissors, pinking shears, a pencil, Mod Podge, and a brush.  The instructions are as follows: Make […]

Print Your Own Fabric Tutorial

If you are tired of the aggravation of the prices and the constant visits to the fabric store, then make sure to read “How-To: Print on Fabric with an Inkjet Printer” by Andrew Lewis.  This article is an informative overview of the materials and directions about how to properly print your own fabric by only […]