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Three Useful Summer Sewing Projects

beach blanket tutorial

There is no better feeling then when you complete a sewing project and get to put your creation to good use. And whether you are heading to the beach or the park, these three sewing projects are ones that you will get lots of use out of. Picnic Caddy Perfect for packing up all your […]

Five Sewing Hacks You Need To Know

sewing hacks

As enjoyable as it is to create a beautiful piece of clothing or reupholster your favorite furniture, there are some aspects of sewing that just aren’t fun. Searching for dropped pins and keeping bobbins from unwinding can be frustrating, which is why Nick of Time Textiles has put together a list of our top five […]

How To Make Your Very First Dance Costume

Purchasing dancewear can get very expensive. Due to the cost, many people choose the route of making their own. It can be more cost effective to buy the fabric and appliqués at a craft store than it is to buy from a dancewear provider. There are tricks of the trade when it comes to making […]

Top Dancewear Fabrics

Dancewear and costumes are not only special because of the glitz and glam from the sequins and patterns, they are unique because of the fabrics that they’re made of. Considering the fact that performers are dancing from one end of the stage to the next, jumping up and down and twisting at different angles, the […]