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The Benefits of Woven Fabrics

June 30th, 2017 Nick of Time Textiles
The Advantages of Woven Fabrics

The Advantages of Woven Fabrics If you are creating clothing, woven fabrics are an excellent choice. Woven fabrics include denim, flannel, twill, satin, and more, and they are known for being high quality fabrics. You will be able to create clothing that will stand the test of time when you use woven fabrics, and you will also be able to create clothing that will look great once it’s done. Check out some of the other benefits of using woven fabrics below.

Woven fabrics are strong.

Woven fabrics are created by taking threads and weaving them over and under each other multiple times. As a result, woven fabrics are exponentially stronger than other types of fabrics. If you have ever put on a pair of denim pants made using woven fabrics, then you know just how strong woven fabrics are. There are other kinds of fabrics that you will be able to rip and tear with ease with your bare hands, but that is most definitely not the case with woven fabrics.

Woven fabrics are typically easy to clean.

While there are some woven fabrics like silk that will require a little bit of extra care, woven fabrics are, in general, easy to clean and maintain. You can throw them into the washer and not have to worry about them shrinking and getting wrinkled. The strength of woven fabrics makes them bounce back quickly from being laundered.

Woven fabrics are durable.

Due to the strength associated with woven fabrics, you will be able to use products that contain woven fabrics for a long time. Most denim jeans can be worn until they go out of style without showing any major signs of wear and tear. Moreover, even when denim does start to fade or get a little weaker, it’s still going to last you for a lot longer before you have to get rid of it. Woven fabrics create tough clothing that won’t break down on you.

Nick of Time offers a large selection of woven fabrics for those who want to incorporate it into clothing or use it for something else. Check out our woven fabric inventory or call us at 877-447-8370 with any questions you might have about our woven fabric selection.

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