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The Hidden Benefits of Joining a Sewing Class

June 7th, 2018 Nick of Time Textiles
Sewing Classes

Sewing ClassesThese days people spend a lot of time “on screens,” don’t they? We tend to look at smartphones, tablets and TVs for hours and hours each day. Society thinks it’s becoming more connected via “social media,” but in the end, aren’t we kind of becoming more disconnected?

Reasons to Sign up For a Sewing Class

One of the main reasons to sign up for a sewing class is connectedness. There’s nothing else quite like being together with other people who have the same aspirations as you– to learn how to sew and, ultimately, how to sew better. Many people who take the plunge and actually, physically, attend a sewing class find themselves engrossed in their studies… all the while forming new connections and even friendships with the men and women in their class(es).

Could you learn to sew from books or online videos? Yes. But you’d be missing out on the camaraderie of a class, where you can share your joys and frustrations.

Being part of a class is a really good idea because once you get several people in a room together, things will be mentioned that you never thought of– you might learn a new technique, find out about a new design, or nod your head when someone else shares they’ve been having the same struggle as you. Classes help students learn important skills faster than if they’re doing it all on their own. Having an instructor share “the rules” for sewing can be incredibly helpful, as well as when he or she shares exceptions/alternatives to the rules.

Sewing classes allow you to have your mistakes addressed and fixed “in real time,” rather than after the garment is completed. Meanwhile, the class often pushes you out of your comfort zone. Though initially you’ll be “scared” to try something new and different, with the guidance and encouragement from others, you’ll discover you CAN do what you thought you couldn’t! It’s also good to have accountability. If you know you need to show something to the class in one week’s time, you’re going to “get it done” because you have a deadline. Working alone, you might never get stuff done.

What are you waiting for? You really should consider taking a sewing class this year. See what develops, make new friends, and enjoy the process of creating stuff that you’ll be proud of!

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