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The Traits of Quality Winter Fabrics

October 30th, 2017 nickoftime-admin
Winter Fabrics

Winter FabricsWinter is coming, and with that you’ll find the weather getting increasingly colder. Come January and February it can get downright freezing cold outside in many parts of the U.S., Pennsylvania included. Nick of Time of Allentown, PA, knows a thing or two about winter fabrics, since many customers come from colder Northeastern climates. Indeed, Nick of Time is America’s leading supplier of fabric and wintertime is an especially busy time of year because people want to/need to literally bundle up in warm clothing made from high quality fabric(s).

What Makes a Good Winter Fabric?

What are some traits of quality winter fabrics? Well, you’d want them to be strong. Obviously, when the weather is cold outside the last thing you’d want is flimsy fabric that breaks or tears easily. Next, you’d want them to not catch on fire. This may sound like a no-brainer, but behind-the-scenes there are people dedicated to making sure the clothing you wear won’t easily catch on fire should you get too close to a heat source or fire! Also, quality winter fabrics need to be watertight. You don’t want to be soaking to your skin when the weather is below freezing. Finally, fabrics you wear in the winter need to be warm. You want your clothing to help conserve your body heat. Therefore, it should have a good thermal insulating value. It’s no wonder, then, that traditional wool and cotton clothing work well in the winter as they effectively help keep people warm.

Oftentimes, people go with blended fabrics for their winter clothing in order to get “the best of” the various types of fabric available. FYI: Lambswool is known for its warmth, as well as for being soft and elastic. Cashmere wool, too, is popular, especially for its softness. People who wear mohair wool or camel hair clothing often note how it manages to be lightweight while still keeping them warm.

Some people prefer bulky fabrics, while others don’t– it depends on personal preference. Of course, denim seems to reign supreme in the winter because it’s durable, looks hip, and keeps people somewhat warm. Like with anything, people will find and have their favorite fabrics that meet their needs. Nick of Time has plenty of fabrics to choose from; peruse the website to see some of them.

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