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Things to Consider Before Opening a Fabric Store

May 1st, 2018 Nick of Time Textiles
Fabric Ships

Fabric Ships Do you have a real passion for fabric? Then you might want to consider opening a fabric store to share your passion with the world. You can help people get their hands on the right kinds of fabric and show them what they need to succeed while sewing, knitting, and more. Let’s examine several things you should consider before you open your fabric store.

What kinds of fabric will I carry?

To make a name for yourself as a leading fabric store in your area, you need to take the time to research fabrics and find the ones that will sell the best for you. It’s a good idea to offer customers a wide selection of fabrics, including everything from cotton to silk. You want people to know that you have what they need in stock, and you want to establish yourself as the go-to source for every kind of fabric imaginable.

Who will I hire to help me sell my fabrics?

You might be the most passionate person in the world when it comes to fabric. Nevertheless, if you hire employees who couldn’t care less about it, then your passion could potentially go unnoticed. You should vet employees closely and make sure they’re knowledgeable about different fabrics so they can speak with your customers about what to buy. This will go a long way towards building up a loyal fan base for your store.

How will I promote my fabric store?

When you set up a fabric store, you need to be able to promote it properly. Outside of running an ad in the local newspaper or church bulletin, you should also find ways to use social media to your advantage. You might want to consider providing people with a tour of your store on Facebook or sending out a special on a different fabric every day on Instagram. This can generate interest in your business and allow people to see how passionate you are about fabric.

Nick of Time can help you find the right fabrics for your store and allow you to set a solid foundation for your business. Call us at 877-447-8370 to order any of the excellent fabrics you find on our site.

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