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What Are the Differences Between Cotton and Polyester?

June 20th, 2017 nickoftime-admin
Polyester vs. Cotton

Polyester vs. Cotton If you go to the men’s section of most discount retailers in America in 2017, you’ll find almost all the activewear to be 100% polyester, which is annoying for most men because polyester does not let the skin “breathe” properly. It traps a man’s stinky sweat. After a few times wearing a polyester piece of clothing, depending on the guy, that piece of clothing can become a bit odorous.

The Benefits of Cotton

Thank God for cotton clothing, then, which does let the skin “breathe.” Cotton is a natural fiber and helps wick away sweat. It keeps a person’s body temperature stable in this respect, so no wonder it’s so popular. Cotton is also soft while being strong at the same time. For those with sensitive skin, cotton is preferable to the rougher polyester.

Have you seen tie dyed t-shirts? They’re cotton, because cotton fiber holds dye well. Over time, with exposure to light, the dye fades, but for some people that just adds to the look they’re going for anyway. It should be noted that cotton itself eventually breaks down over time and it’s biodegradable. For most people, their cotton clothing won’t break down during their lifetime, but if they were to come back to Earth a couple generations later they’d discover their old clothes were no longer wearable, unless they were put in a museum to be taken care of meticulously.

The Benefits of Polyester

Polyester, on the other hand, doesn’t break down over time. That’s because it’s pretty much a man-made fiber that’s– get this– plastic! Polyester clothing can hold its shape well and doesn’t shrink. Also, polyester holds dye well over time; it doesn’t fade.

Athletes may appreciate polyester activewear clothes because they aren’t absorbent and they dry fast. Business people might appreciate polyester clothing since it’s more resistant to wrinkling than cotton. Both polyester and cotton have their good points.

Finally, you can blend cotton and polyester together, and a lot of clothing today does just that. It’s a way to get the best of both worlds.

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