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Why It’s A Great Idea To Knit A Scarf

October 28th, 2015 Nick of Time Textiles
Why It's A Great Idea To Knit A Scarf

That cold weather is sneaking up on us and it is time to get out our boots, big sweaters, and jeans. It’s also time to gather one of autumn’s favorite accessories, the scarf.


A few years ago, when scarves made it big, it went from a season fad to an almost year-round wardrobe must-have. Men, women and even kids enjoy the cozy and stylistic benefits of the scarf.


Scarves come in a variety of fabrics, lengths, patterns, and can be worn many different ways. Thicker scarves are commonly worn for warmth in the brisk cold weather whereas the thinner ones are typically worn as an outfit accessory.


Scarves have a high power when it comes to dressing up clothing.


With very little effort, you can take an otherwise casual outfit and turn it into a glamorous one.


Almost all stores that carry clothing will also carry scarves at very affordable prices. It is easy to stock up on many scarves for the season, but have you ever thought about making one yourself?


You don’t have to be at expert at knitting, crocheting, or even sewing in order to make a scarf. To make a classic knitted scarf, all you need is a spool of bulky yarn and thick needles (2). Having at least 200 yards of yarn is a safe amount and you can make a multi-colored scarf with a variegated yarn that has several different colors incorporated.


For a detailed process of how to knit a scarf, click here.


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