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Why Terry Toweling Fabric Continues to Rise in Popularity

April 18th, 2019 Nick of Time Textiles
Terry Toweling Fabric

Terry Toweling FabricWhen a newlywed couple went on their honeymoon, they stayed at a small hotel in Fort Lauderdale which had many amenities. Perhaps their greatest discovery in the room was the his and hers terry cloth bathrobes. The couple put those on and didn’t want to take them off during their stay. Indeed, many couples love the feel of terry cloth bathrobes!


Terry cloth, aka terry toweling, is so, so soft. Made by weaving or knitting natural materials together, the fabric has uncut loops on both sides. Because of this, the fabric effectively absorbs large amounts of water. Therefore, you’re likely to find terry cloth used for bathrobes, bath towels, kitchen towels and even cleaning cloths.

Great for Skin

Want to make a newborn baby a soft towel or a onesie to wear? Use terry cloth. Terry cloth products can be hemmed on each side so they’re machine washable and easy-to-use. The most common fiber used in terry cloth in cotton, which helps give it that soft touch so many people crave. Cotton is hypoallergenic and generally doesn’t cause skin irritation. Oh, and terry cloth products dry easily– so you won’t get bacteria build-up.

Alternative Uses

What’s another use for terry cloth? A lot of pet owners love it for their pet dogs and cats when it’s grooming time.

Terry cloth towels are, of course, used on pets and people, but they can also be utilized to clean up surfaces where something has spilled. For instance, terry cloth towels are used to wipe up grease, oil and/or paint from various surfaces. You might find them in industrial warehouses! Some people use them to clean their dirty tools… and hands, too.

Durable and Long Lasting

Terry cloth lasts a long time and its color doesn’t easily fade– no wonder so many people like it! It really is versatile and popular.

Nick of Time sells a variety of terry toweling fabrics; check out the selections here. Colors include blue, brown, burgundy, champagne, and grey. If you have any questions about terry cloth/terry toweling or want to buy some fabric, please call Nick of Time at 877-447-8370. We’d be happy to answer you questions and/or accept your order.

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