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Why You Should Sew Your Own Christmas Stocking

November 8th, 2016 Nick of Time Textiles
Create a Custom Christmas Stocking On Your Own

If you have spent countless hours looking for Christmas stockings in the store that match your Christmas decor, you should consider making your own Christmas stocking. Many people grow tired of having the same stockings each year but don’t want to purchase new ones.By creating your own Christmas stocking, you can guarantee that you’ll be happy with the final product. You’ll feel so accomplished when you see your own work hanging by the fire.

Choose the Right Fabric

Creating your own Christmas stocking starts with choosing the right holiday fabric for your taste. If you are looking for a glamorous Christmas look, consider using velvet or velveteen fabric to create your stocking. Although it can be harder to work with, it has a very certain soft look that some people desire. Patterned cottons are perfect for families with children, where you can choose from racing reindeer to colorful Christmas trees. If you want to keep your stockings simple, gingham fabrics which are similar to plaid prints, can also work well in reds and greens.

Choose Your AccessoriesCreate Your Own Custom Christmas Stocking This Holiday Season

You can also include accessories when sewing your own Christmas stockings. For instance, a faux fur trim around the top flap of the stocking can add texture and flare. A gold ribbon trim or a silver sequin trim can add desired sparkle. If you want to identify which stocking belongs to which family member you can also purchase appliques, from pinecones to snowmen, to iron onto the stockings.

Choose Your Tutorial

How much fabric and trim you will need is dependent on the desired size of your stocking. You will typically need two pieces of fabrics for outside pieces, lining pieces, and cuff pieces. You can iron on as many appliques as you desire. Make sure you choose a tutorial beforehand so you know how much fabric to purchase.

You can hang your Christmas stockings on a mantle for a classic Christmas look. If you do not have a fireplace, consider handing your stockings along your staircase or off of your entertainment stand. Christmas stockings can be used as a central part of your Christmas décor and serve a practical purpose. Purchase your fabrics at Nick of Time to get started.

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