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Wrangler Denim is Becoming More Environmentally Conscious

May 8th, 2019 Nick of Time Textiles
Wrangler Denim

When you think of denim, what brand names do you think of? Most people think of Levi’s, along with Calvin Klein, Diesel, Guess, Lee, and, of course, Wrangler. Did you know that Wrangler denim, as a company, is trying to be more environmentally conscious? They’re doing so using sustainable cotton farming techniques such as conservation tillage, cover crops and crop rotation. By putting these techniques into practice, they’re helping remove three times the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere compared to conventional farming methods.

Did you know that in the U.S. cotton is grown on about 12.5 million acres? Most of it is grown in the warmer, sunnier climates of the Southeast and Southwest.

Conventional farming methods, related to cotton cultivation practices, involve disturbing and degrading the soil with tillage, leaving bare soil surfaces, putting chemicals into the mix, and allowing for a continuous monoculture crop production. Wrangler may be in the business of selling denim clothing utilizing cotton, but in the bigger picture, they’re also dealing with the preservation and enhancement of healthy soil in the U.S.

Wrangler’s Pilot Program

A report called “Seeding Soil’s Potential” brought together the findings of all sorts of scientific experts regarding soil health. Then, those findings guided the implementation of Wrangler’s soil health pilot program whereas farmers in places like TN, GA, NC and TX adopted sustainable cotton farming techniques– with the hope to spread the program to more farms in more states. The results? Soil is improving with each passing season and even the crop yields are up, too.

For over 70 years, Wrangler has been an iconic denim brand. It’s good to know that they care about the environment and are doing positive things to help make the planet healthier, as well as helping make America’s soil healthier, too.

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